Girl's Golf Swing Crushes Poor Drone Out of the Sky - Drone Videographer

Watch this girl crush a drone videographers hopes and dreams. She must either hate drones or is going to become the next Serena WIlliams of golf. Watch the carnage below!

At a young age of 8, Ruby Kavanagh is supposedly a golf prodigy and a drone killer. Ok she may not be a killer but she does have a killer swing which ended the operation of a drone and the drone pilot's dreams.

Her uncle, who owns and pilots the Yuneec Typhoon H Drone, fell victim to her vicious swing as she swung for the fences and hit the drone head on with the golf ball. Of course it was an accident and Ruby said, "Sorry I killed your drone uncle Alex."

Alex looked very sad and probably devastated but in the long run, at least he'll be able to get the new DJI Mavic, or any DJI product for that matter!

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