Have you ever seen a drone flying while driving on the streets?!

Wouldn't it be crazy to start seeing the skies filled with drone as you drive, walk or bike in the streets just to see random advertisements.

Well it looks like companies are going to start using drones to push their brand and marketing.  Drone photography services are offering ads via drones to congested freeways and streets. It looks like UBER has already started using drones to market their brand.

According to David Kiefaber of, UBER in Mexico City has been taunting drivers and marketing their services using drones to fly over cars with signs saying, "Driving by yourself?"

This marketing strategy is innovative yet it could be annoying in the future. 

Los Angeles Aerial Photography is growing and this can very well be a normal thing.

At least you can be entertained in traffic by flying signs and maybe get a selfie!  

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