How Many Drones Does it Take to Change A Lightbulb - Drone Photography

This age old joke, is not a joke according to this drone. The Drone is relentless! It fails and fails and fails. Watch the video below of a drone attempting to change the light bulb. 

Apparently it's not the number of drones, but the number at attempts. It's hard to watch this drone videographer fail but eventually gets it right thanks to the drone. 

Is this a useful application for drones? Probably not. But it is a great time waster especially if you have high vaulted ceilings. I guess you could also make a game out of it but why, why would you not just get a step stool and change the light bulb. 

Who's bright idea was this anyways?!

But hey, if the drone is deLighted, I'm happy!

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