A Drone Crashed a Wedding!!

Aerial Wedding Video. Everything was shot with a drone. 

On January 30th in Carlsbad at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort, there was an unusual sighting during wedding shoot. It appears that a drone decided to crash the wedding! The videos will show everything that happened!

I got the opportunity to participate as the aerial wedding videographer at a styled wedding shoot in Carlsbad CA at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort. Of course, my drone didn't really "crash" the wedding, it more so captured the beauty of the couple along with the amazing venue and its surroundings. It was a perfect day and there were lots of vendors at the venue to showcase their products. The vendor list and credits can be seen at the end of every video.

Ground and Aerial Video. 

I got to work with a great team of photographers and cinematographers and captured some stunning footage to showcase what a drone can actually capture during a wedding. Drones are able to capture higher perspective that feature the whole venue as well as the landscape of the wedding. Aerial cinematography combined with ground cinematography creates a unique video that captures the stunning landscape down to the detail and elegance of any wedding.

Behind the Scenes Video


Aerial Cinematographer - Ryan Corcino / www.aerialhelix.com

Ground Cinematographer - Dominic Doan / www.dominicdoan.com

Photographer - Erik Ryan / www.oryanempire.com

Behind the Scenes Cinematographer - Sergey Astakhov / northgateentertainment.com


Photos provided Erik O'Ryan of www.oryanempire.com

Photos from the shoot can be viewed here: http://www.twobrightlights.com//signup/index/ngx0boh2nbmrdw6g4c01 

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