A Drone Crashed a Wedding!!

Aerial Wedding Video. Everything was shot with a drone. 

On January 30th in Carlsbad at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort, there was an unusual sighting during wedding shoot. It appears that a drone decided to crash the wedding! The videos will show everything that happened!

I got the opportunity to participate as the aerial wedding videographer at a styled wedding shoot in Carlsbad CA at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort. Of course, my drone didn't really "crash" the wedding, it more so captured the beauty of the couple along with the amazing venue and its surroundings. It was a perfect day and there were lots of vendors at the venue to showcase their products. The vendor list and credits can be seen at the end of every video.

Ground and Aerial Video. 

I got to work with a great team of photographers and cinematographers and captured some stunning footage to showcase what a drone can actually capture during a wedding. Drones are able to capture higher perspective that feature the whole venue as well as the landscape of the wedding. Aerial cinematography combined with ground cinematography creates a unique video that captures the stunning landscape down to the detail and elegance of any wedding.

Behind the Scenes Video


Aerial Cinematographer - Ryan Corcino / www.aerialhelix.com

Ground Cinematographer - Dominic Doan / www.dominicdoan.com

Photographer - Erik Ryan / www.oryanempire.com

Behind the Scenes Cinematographer - Sergey Astakhov / northgateentertainment.com


Photos provided Erik O'Ryan of www.oryanempire.com

Photos from the shoot can be viewed here: http://www.twobrightlights.com//signup/index/ngx0boh2nbmrdw6g4c01 

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Girl's Golf Swing Crushes Poor Drone Out of the Sky - Drone Videographer

Watch this girl crush a drone videographers hopes and dreams. She must either hate drones or is going to become the next Serena WIlliams of golf. Watch the carnage below!

At a young age of 8, Ruby Kavanagh is supposedly a golf prodigy and a drone killer. Ok she may not be a killer but she does have a killer swing which ended the operation of a drone and the drone pilot's dreams.

Her uncle, who owns and pilots the Yuneec Typhoon H Drone, fell victim to her vicious swing as she swung for the fences and hit the drone head on with the golf ball. Of course it was an accident and Ruby said, "Sorry I killed your drone uncle Alex."

Alex looked very sad and probably devastated but in the long run, at least he'll be able to get the new DJI Mavic, or any DJI product for that matter!

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How Many Drones Does it Take to Change A Lightbulb - Drone Photography

This age old joke, is not a joke according to this drone. The Drone is relentless! It fails and fails and fails. Watch the video below of a drone attempting to change the light bulb. 

Apparently it's not the number of drones, but the number at attempts. It's hard to watch this drone videographer fail but eventually gets it right thanks to the drone. 

Is this a useful application for drones? Probably not. But it is a great time waster especially if you have high vaulted ceilings. I guess you could also make a game out of it but why, why would you not just get a step stool and change the light bulb. 

Who's bright idea was this anyways?!

But hey, if the drone is deLighted, I'm happy!

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Drone with Claws! See what it can do!

So drones are now growing limbs. Watch this video of how this the drone flexes its robotic arms. Drones can do way more than just aerial photography. What mad scientist came up with this one?!

A Japanese company has built a drone specifically used for doing "hands on" tasks.

The drone can apparently carry up to 10kg-20kg and fly up to 30 minutes in the air. People are looking to use this drone for a variety of operations from delivering water to dropping buoys in the ocean.  

It looks like drones are evolving. Drones are definitely taking over the world.

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Dancing with the Drones!

Should it be called Dancing with the Stars or Dancing with the Drones! I did not know drones had those kinds of moves. Blown away at these skills! This video showcases all the dance moves drones can do! Drones are dancing, and they are dancing with the stars.

This intro was shot in one take by a DJI Inspire. A ton of practice went on for this and it is just amazing how much drones can increase production value by getting stunning fluid shots. 

Drone photographers would kill to get a gig like this. The whole sequence was shot and flown by Steve Blizzard. He can definitely dance with the stars with his drone pilot skills

The drone industry has just begun and it is going to be the standard to have aerial photography and videography in any production.  

Now who wants to dance with my drone?! 

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Disney Using Drones at Their Parks!!

NEW Live Disney Drone spectacular show at the Disney Parks! The teaser video below looks like a new kid of show at Disney. Drones take the main stage and it'll be better than fireworks,maybe. 

Disneys aerial photographer

There are many applications for drones. Drone services would kill to be in production with Disney for their new show and it looks like Disney has been planning and patenting these shows for a while now. 

Drone photographer of jack

After 9/11 the airspace over the Disney Parks were deemed "No Fly Zones" by the FAA, therefore no aircraft could fly over the Disney parks for any reason and would get shut down. Apparently Disney was the one who suggested the No Fly Zone.

But now they are changing their tune and just got granted permission to fly drones over their parks for a new live show with drones. No one knows when the first performance will be but since its Disney, you know it will be spectacular. Just check out the teaser!

What's next, Dancing with the Stars? 

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Drone Captures Rare Lifetime Achievement!

What is the most amazing thing to accomplish during ones life time? It could be being President, getting 30 gold medals, or even having your own drone services business. Check out the video below!

What this drone captured on video is truly and accomplishment that many may never get to achieve.

In Chino Hills at the Vellano Country Club there was a rare, yet amazing celebration that took place.  Put together by children, grand children, great grandchildren and friends. It was a beautiful lifetime achievement that takes 60 years to accomplish.

Rody and Lita celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary. 60 years of marriage is quite beautiful and to have all their family and friends to celebrate it was a blessing.



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Seven Magic Mountains in VEGAS - Drone Videography

Have you ever been to Vegas? Who hasn't?! There's a magical place that has popped up from the floor. It's right before you reach the strip. Check out this Aerial Drone Video we captured during our visit!


On May 11, 2016, a stunning art installation was unveiled just 10 miles south of Las Vegas Nevada. Ugo Rondinone is the name of the artist who conjured up this magnificent art installation properly named, "Seven Magic Mountains"

Form and Color are the creative expressions depicting human presence in the desert. The striking colors of these rock pillars definitely break up the dull desert floor.

I like to think of it as the Las Vegas Strip in nature form. 

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DRONES Are Dressing Up As Clowns!!

This clown pandemic all over the US has gone way too far!

Check out this crazy spooky video of a drone dressed up as a clown terrifying the neighborhood!

Even dogs are terrified of this flying nightmare!

As an aerial photographer and pilot I can appreciate this creativity. 

But be safe out there, flying clowns are real, and coming to a neighborhood near you!


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Have you ever seen a drone flying while driving on the streets?!

Wouldn't it be crazy to start seeing the skies filled with drone as you drive, walk or bike in the streets just to see random advertisements.

Well it looks like companies are going to start using drones to push their brand and marketing.  Drone photography services are offering ads via drones to congested freeways and streets. It looks like UBER has already started using drones to market their brand.

According to David Kiefaber of www.adweek.com, UBER in Mexico City has been taunting drivers and marketing their services using drones to fly over cars with signs saying, "Driving by yourself?"

This marketing strategy is innovative yet it could be annoying in the future. 

Los Angeles Aerial Photography is growing and this can very well be a normal thing.

At least you can be entertained in traffic by flying signs and maybe get a selfie!  

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New HELIX Website Launched!

HELIX has a new website that's pretty spiffy! All new design, more aerial photography and videography, and a special page just for Real Estate inquiries. 

Leave a comment below to provide some feedback about the site!

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